Civic Trust Wine Tasting Evening

Wednesday 17th November at 7:30 p.m. in the Rolleston Club.

Tickets for this event are now available and are selling fast! The cost is £10 per ticket and the event is open to both Civic Trust members and other residents of the village.

The tasting will be of three white and three red wines, but we won’t be telling you which wine you are trying until after you’ve tried it and commented on it!

Tickets are available from members of the committee or by contacting the Chairperson on 07773 994554, email:

Friends of Brook Hollows

The ‘Friends of Brook Hollows’ are a voluntary group who meet on the first Sunday of every month to help improve and care for this valuable village asset.

The group have been able to access funding through the Transforming the Trent Valley (TTTV) project for the next two years to buy tools and equipment.

The Rolleston Civic Trust are providing the support and structure for the group as the Trust has a long history in caring from the area, going back to its formation in the early 1970s.

Currently we have 23 active members in the group with around 6 others supporting the group in the administration but we are still looking for further volunteers to join the group.

If you are interested, please contact Tim on 07773 994554 or email:

Blacksmith Gate Installed

The old gate from the village blacksmiths has been rescued and restored by the thoughtful and generous work of some people in our village.
The PC would like to formally acknowledge their contribution to Rolleston and is planning an information board which will display details about the new additions to the area opposite the Spread Eagle.
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