Update on Craythorne Playing Field traveller incident

A huge thank you to all those who were able to help this morning and cleared the field, the play areas, the ditches and the woods of all the rubbish left behind as well as the very quantities of branches and hedge clippings etc.
The car park and field are fully open for you to visit and enjoy. We would ask you to avoid the area behind the shipping containers on health and safety grounds until this has been cleaned.
The playing field has had the worst of its damaged areas on some of the pitches filled in and will be rolled over the weekend on Sunday so that use by Rolleston and other football Clubs may resume next week.
The Parish Council would like to thank all residents for their ongoing patience whilst we continue with restoration and required repairs.
In addition we thank all those at Staffordshire County Council Legal department, East Staffs Borough Council, Staffordshire Police, our MP Kate Kniveton, our County Councillor Philip White, our Ward Councillor Russell Lock and our council contractor who have helped us to deal with this very challenging, disruptive and unpleasant incident.