Update on Craythorne Playing Field traveller incident

A huge thank you to all those who were able to help this morning and cleared the field, the play areas, the ditches and the woods of all the rubbish left behind as well as the very quantities of branches and hedge clippings etc.
The car park and field are fully open for you to visit and enjoy. We would ask you to avoid the area behind the shipping containers on health and safety grounds until this has been cleaned.
The playing field has had the worst of its damaged areas on some of the pitches filled in and will be rolled over the weekend on Sunday so that use by Rolleston and other football Clubs may resume next week.
The Parish Council would like to thank all residents for their ongoing patience whilst we continue with restoration and required repairs.
In addition we thank all those at Staffordshire County Council Legal department, East Staffs Borough Council, Staffordshire Police, our MP Kate Kniveton, our County Councillor Philip White, our Ward Councillor Russell Lock and our council contractor who have helped us to deal with this very challenging, disruptive and unpleasant incident.

Travellers Update – they have finally moved on

Travellers on Craythorne update

As you may already be aware all the travellers have moved on at last.
The site is being secured and there will be NO access to the carpark until further notice.
The clean up starts Saturday morning at 9AM.
Please do NOT do any cleaning up yourselves as the litter and trees branches/cuttings are possibly contaminated.
If you can help with the clean up please bring gloves. We will supply litter pickers and bags.
Thank you to all residents for your support and patience during the last few challenging days.

Travellers Update

Further update on the travellers situation at Craythorne Field.
As of last night 20th June a number of caravans and associated vehicles have left the site.

The wooden kissing gate from the fields behind Bellway onto Craythorne field in the top corner, that someone had screwed shut later last night so that it could not be opened, is being dealt with to allow users to walk through it again.

We will know whether the remaining caravans are leaving today as the travellers had advised they would to police, or if notice has to be served on them.

Sadly quantities of rubbish and branches from tree works have been left around the field. Once the remaining caravans have gone we can commence a clean up and secure the field and car park.

We will update you further later today

Travellers on Craythorne

Further update on the travellers on Craythorne following the visit by the police last night. The travellers informed the police that they will be leaving by the weekend. In the meantime both the Parish Council and the police are progressing matters in anticipation of needing further action. The police have concluded their assessment and will be deciding the best course of action over the next 24 hours. Whilst this is ongoing there is now a continued police presence in the village monitoring the situation. The Parish Council are also continuing with a separate route of court intervention should this still be required.
Both the police and the Parish Council urge everyone to continue to report issues that they witness either through 999 for urgent matters, 101 or https://www.facebook.com/staffordshirepolice on messenger.

Travellers on Craythorne

Update on the travellers on Craythorne. Despite being within their powers the police do not consider the situation to be serious enough to take action. This could change if sufficient issues are reported to them or the situation escalates. It is therefore important that anyone witnessing any illegal activity should report it directly to the police, regardless of the nature. We are aware of the damage to the gates, the playing fields and to dogs roaming around the play areas off their leads. Reporting to the Parish Council or via facebook will not add any weight to the situation, it must be to the police.
In the meantime the Parish Council has started legal action to resolve the situation. This will come at a significant cost to the village and will take several days before a court order can be issued. We will keep you informed about progress.

ESBC Councillor Community Fund (CCF) 2024/25 Grant Applications

In 2024/25 the Councillor Community Fund (CCF) will continue to operate as an open-bidding fund to support small community activities and projects in East Staffordshire. The Councillor Community Fund is open for application from 3rd May 2024 with grants of up to a maximum of £1,500.00 available.

Please read the guidance notes for the 2024-25 CCF scheme. If you have a project for which you need some funding then contact your local Councillor and if it is suitable they will be able to submit an application on your behalf. The application will be considered at one of our regular panel meeting and your Councillor will inform you if you have been successful. All applications must be able to demonstrate community benefit and be supported by your Ward Councillor(s).

Examples of the types of projects that could be funded through CCF include:
Community building and sports facility improvements, Environmental projects e.g. tackling climate change with energy efficiency, Community gardens, planting and landscaping projects, Equipment and resources to support children and young people’s activities, Purchase of equipment to directly support the activities of sports clubs and other community groups/ organisations, Projects aimed at tackling social isolation, Community events and fun days, Purchase of/subscription to virtual meeting software to support projects tackling isolation or combatting carbon emissions

For further advice and guidance about the types of projects and activities that could be funded then please contact the Social Regeneration Officer on 01283 508038 or sara.botham@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk.