Rollestonian of The Year

Nominations are now closed. The winner will be decided at the July Parish Council meeting.
Rollestonian of the Year 2022 award 
This award has been given since 2009 by the Parish Council and is presented in recognition of our local ‘heroes’  – quite simply those who consistently go beyond the call of duty, those who deserve recognition for their efforts and dedication or those who have achieved exceptional heights in their chosen field, such as sports or art. It celebrates the inspiring individuals and groups that are part of our community, who improve lives and village surroundings and exemplify what can be done when people work together, often behind the scenes. This may be through volunteering or supporting one of the many village organisations for many years, providing services to the village community, looking after village spaces or achieving excellence in a particular area.


For the purpose of this award any individual person(s) or group of any age who live, work or volunteer in the parish is considered eligible to be “Rollestonian of the Year”.