Environment Agency Updates

Update for Rolleston Parish Council on flooding matters – M. Swain  (Environment Agency)01 Feb 2024.

Following Storm Henk our staff visited Rolleston to collect data regarding the impacts of the flooding. They visited both when the flood water was at its peak and again on 26 Jan to spend more time speaking to residents and capturing more detailed information about what happened during the flood. They visited the Spread Eagle PH, Brook House Hotel and properties in Station Road and Brookside. Flood levels were recorded and photographs and videos of the flooding were kindly provided by some residents. We will be returning on 06 February to collect further information.

Although the Flood Model is not expected to be finalised until the end of February, we have the information we need to start the process of assessing options to better manage flood risk. We have instructed our consultants (Arup) to start this project which is expected to complete in the summer, although we have not received a programme from them yet having only just commissioned this work.

We have received a further enquiry about the cost of the model from a resident following the response we sent to Kate Kniveton MP. Although it hasn’t been completed yet we expect the cost will be in the order of £75k. I have included an output from the model which shows the expected depths of flooding from Rolleston Brook in an event with a 1% chance of happening in any year with an added factor of climate change allowance. We will use information like this when assessing options that could help reduce flood impacts in the village. This outline shows a greater extent of flooding than has been experienced in November 2000, Storm Dennis 2020 or Storm Henk 2024. The shading indicates predicted depth of flooding in metres.

A copy of this update can be found here: Update for Rolleston Parish Council on flooding matters Feb 24