The Jubilee Orchard

Welcome to The Jubilee Orchard. The orchard is a community facility maintained by The Parish Council. Feel free to visit the orchard, enjoy the pleasant surroundings and sample the produce! Whilst all of the produce is free to all to enjoy we do ask everyone to be respectful of others and the trees and plants.

Located at the corner of Knowles Hill and Beacon Road – Jubilee Orchard Location

There are a number of resources available for you to use and make your visit more enjoyable. Click on the links below for further details:

Jubilee Orchard TREES Spring2018.

Jubilee Orchard BEDS Spring2018

2&3 How do the trees produce fruit jan18

1 Jubilee Orchard Tree identification with points jan18

1a Jubilee Orchard Tree identification with points and answers jan18

Jubilee Orchard TREES Spring2018.