The Jubilee Orchard

The new seat within the orchard.

Welcome to The Jubilee Orchard. The orchard is a community facility maintained by The Parish Council, created in 2012 to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Feel free to visit the orchard, enjoy the pleasant surroundings and sample the produce! Whilst all of the produce is free to all to enjoy we do ask everyone to be respectful of others and the trees and plants.

Located at the corner of Knowles Hill and Beacon Road – Jubilee Orchard Location

Jubilee Orchard maps, key and quiz:

MAP Jubilee Orchard Spring 2019

Jubilee Orchard TREES Spring2019.

Jubilee Orchard Beds- Plant List (excluding trees). April 2019

1 Jubilee Orchard Tree identification with points jan18

1a Jubilee Orchard Tree identification with points and answers jan18

Fruit tree information with questions:

2. How do the trees produce fruit. jan18

3. Are new apple trees grown from seeds.jan18

4. Granny Smith.jan18

Apple Braeburn

Apple Bramley

Apple Cox’s Orange Pippin

Cherry Sunburst

Pear Conference

Plum Victoria

Herbs in Jubilee Orchard:

Chive Plant

Fennel Plant

Feverfew Plant

Garlic Plant

Lavender Plant

Marjoram Plant

Mint Plant

Oregano Plant

Parsley Plant

Rosemary Plant

Sage Plant

Sorrel Plant

Thyme Plant

Fruit bushes in Jubilee Orchard:








Some other plants in Jubilee Orchard:

Arum lily


Great Mullein



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