List of Councillors


Parish Council

Chairman: Steve McManus
Vice-Chairman: Clare Stewart

Any comments or views regarding Council matters may be addressed to:

Clerk of the Parish Council

Mrs Mary Danby
32 Hillcrest Rise


 Tel. (office hours) 07908 545412

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Councillor Address Telephone Email
Ellen McManus Hilltop, South Hill  07962027212
Steve McManus Hilltop, South Hill  07824901502
Mike Robson 45 The Lawns 480599/ 07929 833893
Stephen Sanderson 210 Station Road 815480
Clare Stewart The Green, South Hill 07305150898
Beryl Toon 2, Home Farm Caravan Park, Marston Lane 813535
Jason Wyatt 30, The Lawns 07971 026578
Barry Gooding

Quaintways,    3 Brookside, 

Michael Badcock 1 The lawns 01283813521
Robert Peate 91 Knowles Hill 07305 371391
Robert Houston 4 Forest School St 07947 875681

For registers of Interest for the above councillors please visit: