Doveside WI

Doveside Women’s Institute

President: Leanda Philiskirk, 07910764837

Welcome to our website.  Here you will find information about what we do, where we meet and how we are organised. We are a lively and friendly group who will make you welcome from the moment you arrive.

We have a membership of over 75 and hold meetings on the third Friday of each month in Rolleston Memorial Club on Burnside in Rolleston on Dove DE13 9DN. Meetings are held on the third Friday of every month starting at 09.45 am until 12.00. 

A poem by one of our members
A poem by one of our members

We start with a business meeting during which you can learn of the different outings and events that are on offer over and above the actual meetings and find out about what’s been going on since the previous meeting.  This is followed by time to meet with friends and make new ones over a cup of tea/coffee and refreshments such as biscuits or cake (especially cake: this is the WI).  In the last hour we hear from a speaker.  Recently, we heard about how Blood Bikes operate and had a demonstration from a chocolatier which involved a whole lot of free sampling. Yum! 

For members, a monthly newsletter about events is also available at the meeting and boards are available to sign up for outings and other events, or you can contact one of the committee to put your name forward.   Each quarter you can find an article written by one of our members in The Rollestonian magazine.  

For those with wider interests, we have a social afternoon on the second Thursday of each month from 1.30-4.00pm, one week before our monthly meeting which is usually held in the Rolleston Club. You could expect to play Scrabble or Rummikub or to try a new craft sometimes introduced by members of the group or by a visiting tutor.  Full details will be in the monthly newsletter. 

There are certain milestones in our year such as our Annual meeting in March where the President and committee members are elected. In April we compete for the Annual Rose Bowl where we alternate each year between producing a home economics item or a craft item.  All Women’s Institutes are involved in a wide range of activities and have the opportunity to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities at a national level.  Each May we make time to vote on these issues referred to as Resolutions. All of these events are included in our Programme for the year listed here


If you have ever been curious about the WI, then come along and see what we get up to.  We make no charge for visitors. 

It’s not all Jam and Jerusalem.  Although it’s important to say that we are very proud of our traditions.

Please  just turn up, or contact us on, you will be assured of a warm welcome.