Parish Council – Planning Meeting

There will be a Planning Sub-Committee on Monday 23rd April at 730pm in the Grammar School. There will be only one agenda item, which is to discuss additional documents submitted for the Brookhouse Hotel development.
Follow the link to view the application documents ref P/2016/01659

Use this link to search for specific planning applications. Enter the complete case reference / planning application number (e.g. P/2010/00001/AA or PA/12345/006/AA). If the complete application number is not known, please use a wildcard symbol (%) both sides of the known information.

Flood Update

Following recent flooding in village the Parish Council have collected all the road signs we were given to retain by ESBC and Environment Agency. There are now at least 2 road closed signs with each sand bin in the centre of the village (Brookside, Rolleston Garage and the Footpath which runs from Station Road to Meadow View).

At the April PC meeting we had a presentation from Hannah Hogan From the Staffordshire County Council to advise progress of a business case to invest in flood protection in the village. We will share more news in this as we near implementation.

The Parish Council have ordered 1,500 sand bags which will be distributed to properties at the greatest risk of flooding. Please note sandbags should be stored empty, in dry dark conditions. Once used sand bags must be disposed of as controlled waste due to the risk of contamination by foul waste. We are arranging this with ESBC who will collect all used sand bags in public areas and any that are close to footpaths to maintain public health and safety.

If you have used sandbags on private land please deposit them in the grass near the sand bin on the footpath between Station Road and Meadow View. Please avoid contact with this waste – it will be collected shortly.