ESBC Councillor Community Fund (CCF) 2024/25 Grant Applications

In 2024/25 the Councillor Community Fund (CCF) will continue to operate as an open-bidding fund to support small community activities and projects in East Staffordshire. The Councillor Community Fund is open for application from 3rd May 2024 with grants of up to a maximum of £1,500.00 available.

Please read the guidance notes for the 2024-25 CCF scheme. If you have a project for which you need some funding then contact your local Councillor and if it is suitable they will be able to submit an application on your behalf. The application will be considered at one of our regular panel meeting and your Councillor will inform you if you have been successful. All applications must be able to demonstrate community benefit and be supported by your Ward Councillor(s).

Examples of the types of projects that could be funded through CCF include:
Community building and sports facility improvements, Environmental projects e.g. tackling climate change with energy efficiency, Community gardens, planting and landscaping projects, Equipment and resources to support children and young people’s activities, Purchase of equipment to directly support the activities of sports clubs and other community groups/ organisations, Projects aimed at tackling social isolation, Community events and fun days, Purchase of/subscription to virtual meeting software to support projects tackling isolation or combatting carbon emissions

For further advice and guidance about the types of projects and activities that could be funded then please contact the Social Regeneration Officer on 01283 508038 or