Flood photos requested by Environment Agency

Message from David Hughes from the EA. Please forward any relevant photos to him at:


It would be extremely useful for us to know who exactly flooded at what properties and to what extent and to what depth they were affected. I will probably send round a flooding questionnaire again to capture this individual event. I believe things have settled down now, but please pay attention to any alarms. Some showers are expected through the rest of this week.

There were also problems with flooding in the area of Station Road, School Lane, Chapel Lane, Beacon Road and Craythorne Road. Also, there was a lot of flooding of roads which was not a result of water flooding out of the Rolleston Brook. Some of this flooding is related to land drainage, highway drainage and surface water that sheds off Beacon Hill and tries to run down through the village to join the Rolleston Brook. This flooding will need to be investigated by Staffordshire County Council, but I am happy to pass on any enquiries or concerns you may have to SCC, if you would also like to send me details of that flooding too.

I hope that working together we can resolve some issues and hopefully reduce risk to your properties in the future.

Please feel free to  send me your experiences of the flooding.