Reporting problems around the village contact information

Do you know who to contact if you spot an issue? We all have the responsibility to notify someone if we see something that needs repairing or could be dangerous but finding the right contact can be a challenge and make a huge difference to the speed of the issue being addressed.

As a general rule:

Contact the County Council at to report any issues with highways (e.g. potholes), pavements or flood prevention.

East Staffordshire Borough Council has responsibility for planning matters including planning applications and planning permission condition enforcement, refuse collection including dog waste bin emptying, some recreational facilities such as Brook Hollows and Forest School Street play area  and will give advice if you have other concerns such as smoke or odour from bonfires and noise nuisance. 

They can be contacted on

The Parish Council maintains our play parks, open spaces, footpaths and more local amenities such as the planters on Burnside and benches around the village. They can be contacted on

All Councils have many more responsibilities and a full list can be found at

Remember – in an emergency always contact the emergency services by dialling 999.  

If you spot it – report it. Together we can make a difference