St Mary’s Shoe Box Appeal – Update

The shoe box appeal is going well. Thank you for the excellent support so far.

We have enough things already for 20 shoe boxes, which is marvellous. Thank you to those who have contributed items and to those who have covered and filled shoe boxes.

If anyone has any spare shoeboxes, they would be appreciated.

The following items will also be warmly welcomed over the next 3 weeks, in addition to the things on the original list:

hair accessories/brushes
face cloths
small musical instruments
toy vehicles

If anyone wants to write a card or message, or send a message on the back of a photo of themself, this would be well received.

You can still do your own box if you wish.

The deadline for all items is 29th October, please.

This year’s boxes are going to the Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia and Romania.

If you have any questions or want something collecting, please contact Vivien on 07772447727.