Transforming the Trent Valley (TTTV) – latest update on the projects in Rolleston on Dove

Transforming the Trent Valley (TTTV) is continuing to support project work at Brook Hollows, together with East Staffordshire Borough Council (ESBC) and the Friends of Brook Hollows. We are planning to remove a small number of trees overhanging the water in January 2023. This will help to reduce shading and encourage the growth of bankside and marginal plants, improving the habitat. This will include four multistem willows and some sycamore trees.
The Friends of Brook Hollows have been helping to remove some of the smaller self-set trees growing on the water’s edge and supporting ESBC with woodland management. The purpose is to create a woodland that is well managed for both people and wildlife. Regular visitors will notice the improved footpaths, log seating areas and sculpture trail that are also thanks to the Friends.
TTTV also has plans to desilt the lake, however this is proving to be a rather complex scheme. Our current plan is to undertake the desilting in spring 2023 and have engaged a specialist contractor. We are currently applying for the necessary permits from the Environment Agency. We are restricted as to when work can take place and are at the mercy of the weather. Updates will be provided in the new year once we have more information. There will be some noise and disruption on site whilst the work goes ahead, but it is not expected to take more than a couple of weeks when it does.
For more information about the project and to keep updated you can visit the project page on the TTTV website here:
Louise Morris 
TTTV Project Manager