Coronavirus – Community Support


Coronavirus – Community Support

We are all facing unprecedented times as the worldwide pandemic continues to affect our communities. It is at times like this that the true value of living in a community such as ours can really come to the fore in helping those most in need.

There will be many in our village that are already very concerned about the future and how they will support themselves if things develop as we are being told. If you are aware of any neighbours or members of the community that are alone or more vulnerable, please take time to contact them and offer assistance if needed.

The advice we are receiving as a Parish Council mirrors that which you are seeing on the news – to wash hands, avoid unnecessary contact and large gatherings etc. We will continue to monitor this as closely as possible and should the time come when forced isolation is introduced, we will of course be looking to support where we possibly can. We are in regular contact with St Mary’s and other village groups to ensure that any activity when required will be coordinated.

Please give consideration to those around you – help coming from someone you know will be much more reassuring than from a stranger. The more people that can take a little time now, the better prepared we will be in the days and weeks ahead.

Equally if you are feeling vulnerable and would like to speak to someone please feel free to contact Revd Phyllis Bainbridge on 01283 814802 or Councillors Ellen/Steve McManus on 07962027212/07824901502.

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