College Fields Development

Further update:

Following the recent issues with the Bellway development that have been raised, the County and Borough Councillors together with the ESBC enforcement officer held a meeting on site on Tuesday 18th Feb to which the Parish Council was invited.
At this meeting Councillors outlined the various complaints and breaches of the CMTP, along with residents and Parish Council concerns including the lack of communication.
Commitment was secured that these immediate actions were to be implemented:
· 3 banks men to remain in place with communication devices to supervise all vehicle movements through the estate
· Lorries would be washed down / wheels cleaned before leaving site and followed down through the estate by a road sweeper.
· In addition a second road sweeper will go along the main road in the village
· Bellway will work with their suppliers on better staggering of deliveries to avoid lorries parking up
· Lorries must not park up at the bottom of the estate/on blind corners
A Bellway communication outlining the next stages of the development and their contact details has been issued to all estate residents and is below for your reference

The site contact for Bellway is the site manager Andy Adams on 07971 003231

ESBC enforcement officers are monitoring the site to ensure compliance

If you observe noncompliance matters please email the Parish Clerk on and these will be reported to the ESBC enforcement team


As many will be aware the development work on College fields has begun. Unfortunately this first phase of work has caused a significant amount of disturbance to residents and left roads and pavements in a very poor state. The Parish Council are currently engaged in discussions with the developer with strong support from County Councillor Philip White, Borough Councillor George Allen and ESBC’s enforcement officer who has made 2 site visits. We are assured by Bellway that improvements will be seen from Monday and a further meeting will be held with all Councillors and the developer involved. More regular updates will be provided through the Parish Council Facebook page along with periodic updates on this site.

For reference a copy of the construction management plan can be found below:

P_2018_00921_Construction Method Statement

T18072 Rolleston-on-Dove CTMP Rev D

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